| Year 1

The children designed their own dragon to be Dave’s family and friends.

In the story ‘Potion Commotion’ a dragon called Dave visited the town that Betty and her mum live in.

As a part of our art lessons this term, the children were set the task to design a dragon friend or family member for Dave.

We looked at a selection of dragon pictures and drawings and discussed the main features of a dragon; head, eyes, body, tail, wings and legs. The children could decide if they wanted their new dragon to be fierce or friendly. As a part of the design process, the children drew a few different ideas for each feature. They then chose their favourite before merging their ideas together for their final dragon design. They thought carefully about the colours they would choose for their dragon’s personality.

The children also named each of their dragons; Jasmine, Sebi, Lily….to name a few!

The children are now looking forward to painting their dragon using their colour mixing skills learnt in previous art lessons.