| Year 3

The children have been learning about plants. They decided that they wanted to carry out some investigations on how plants germinate and grow best.

Having been split into small teams, they were sent away to discuss questions that they would like to answer. What followed produced some fantastic conversations about how and what they could experiment with.

Each group finally decided what they would like to look into. The questions raised showed fantastic imagination and creativity. Some children decided they wanted to see if food colouring would affect how the plants grew, others wanted to test if watering with Coke or Fanta might alter their germination rate. Some children even wanted to encapsulate their pea seeds in molten chocolate or candy floss to see what would happen.

A week on, great excitement fills the classroom each morning when the children come in.

‘I can’t believe all of our peas have germinated’

What’s happened to the ones planted in sand?

We’re all still waiting to see if the pea seeds encapsulated in molten chocolate will break through.