| Year 3

Eruptions and explosions have been bubbling through Year 3 as they learn about volcanoes.

The children in Year 3 have been leading their own learning so far this half term.

In humanities, they decided that as part of our Potions and Explosions topic, they would like to learn more about volcanoes and their eruptions. As a result, they have been designing their own erupting volcanoes.

They have thought carefully about their own designs, what they will use to construct them and how they will build them. It is great to see the breadth and range of ideas, with many different ideas on material usage.

The children are also being asked to consider the impact of an eruption on nearby inhabitants, and possible methods for protecting homes.

Careful consideration is also going into what will produce the best eruptions. Only time will tell, what will create the most explosive reaction - will it be vinegar and baking soda, Mentos and cola or another creative idea?