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Y2 End2 Jul18
Y2 End3 Jul18

The lovely sunshine and the childrens enthusiasm shone through in all their work and activities this term

In English the children really enjoyed using 'Talk 4 Writing' to develop their wider learning and understanding of how to write a set of instructions. This involved them creating a story map with actions and key words which the children learned and recited. They all wrote their own recipe following this method of learning, which was based on a special cake for the royal wedding. Mrs Cliffe-Roberts and Mr Bryan were then challenged by the children to make a cake each, by following verbal instructions from the children. The teachers proved themselves worthy chefs and two delicious cakes were shared out at the end of the day for children to take home for tea!

Maths has focussed on using measure and reading scales accurately, in addition to fractions of shape and number. They have developed their mastery in the four operations and risen to the challenge of applying their knowledge to solve word problems in real life situations.

Science has engaged the children’s curiosity, by conducting a series of fair tests, in which plants were grown in different conditions. They all enjoyed making predictions on the outcome of these experiments, which helped to further their wider understanding of which conditions are most favourable for healthy growth. Towards the end of this term, ten eggs arrived from the Living Egg Company in an incubator, for the children to observe and learn about the first stages of a chicken’s life cycle. They were enthralled when the first chicks started to hatch and sat very quietly to observe the miracle of new life emerging from an egg. Every day, they were able to monitor the chicks progress and observe their first attempts at stretching their wings. All ten eggs hatched safely and we were delighted that three females have found a lovely new home with Ryan from 2B and his family.

Our end of year trip, linked to science and planned to support the pupils learning on plants, took us to The Living Rainforest in Newbury. As we walked under giant leaves and encountered many different birds and animals, whose habitat is in the different layers of the rainforest, the children were complimented by members of the public and rainforest staff on their exemplary behaviour.

The Year 2 teachers would like to thank all the children and their parents for a very happy year and wish everyone a relaxing and sunny summer holiday.