| Year 3

Through the theme ‘The World is Our Oyster,’ the children in Year 3 decided they would like to learn more about oceans and the animals that live there. The children researched endangered animals and created their own informative document about a chosen underwater creature. They worked hard researching why they were endangered, how many were left in the world and what we could do to support and help (some of the children even donated on the WWF website to adopt an animal). The ocean theme continued in the children’s creative art lessons, where they were asked to create a collage of their own fish design. All the children in Year 3 loved linking their geography work with creative arts and have produced some wonderful endangered animal posters and imaginative fish collages.

If you would like to join the Year 3 children in supporting endangered animals, you can adopt an animal through the WWF website. support.wwf.org.uk/adopt-an-animal