| Year 6

At the end of last term and over the holidays, the children in Year 6 were set a reading challenge: to encourage them to expand their reading to include a broader range of authors and genres.

In the first week of term, they all brought in one of the books that they had enjoyed and presented information about it within a group. Following on from this, they wrote their own book reviews, which were then shared with others across the year group.

Their factual writing about the stories, as well as their opinions and recommendations, were very detailed and informative and encouraged everyone to branch out and try something different. The reviews are now going to be shared with a wider audience as Year 6 are in the process of developing them into a book to share in the library and with other year groups.

This mini-topic to start the term was embraced by all the pupils in Year 6 and has re-energised their thirst for, and enjoyment of, reading. Those who come across a new ‘un-put-down-able’ book are very happy to share their thoughts with others.

You can read some of the Year 6 book reviews in our Pupils' Work Gallery.