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At the end of September, Sherborne House School went to the polls.

Across the school, classes held their hustings for elections to the various school committees - School Council, Eco-Committee, Food Committee and Playground Committee.

Within each class, the children were able to demonstrate their presentation skills in front of their peers with pre-prepared speeches and presentations. During these presentations, the children explained why they would be a suitable representative and what ideas they would bring to the role if they were successful.

After this, their peers were then able to ask questions related to their presentations. These questions allowed the prospective candidates the opportunity to expand upon some of their ideas. Once this was completed the democratic voting process followed with all children voting for the candidate of their choice.

Our committees have now been chosen and we are very excited to introduce our school committee members for 2019. Make sure to check out our social media pages and the website next week for our video introductions!

School Council

1Amaya and Rewa
2Veer and Sophie
3Lizzie and Amelia
4Zoha and Xander
5Tabetha and Saachi
6Riyan, Holly and Fraser

Eco Committee

3Phillip and Ethan
4Ryan and Alice
5Sage and Henry
6Rosie, Katherine and Isaac

Playground Committee

3Harry and Bertie
4Prathik and Harry
5Farah and Aydin
6Jess, Annika and Sophie

Food Committee

3George and Cali
4Noah and Leo
5Marc and Fred
6Christopher, Ellie and Priya