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The children in the Early Years’ centre invited their parents to join them for an afternoon of sequins, feathers paint and glue. The children showed their parents all the activities and explained what they needed to do. All the parents got stuck in (literally!) and the rooms soon filled with Easter cards, bonnets, finger-printed flowers and plenty of other unique creations. The activities encouraged the children’s creativity as well as developing their fine motor skills. It was lovely to see the children and parents working together.

Effective parent partnerships are key to a successful early years’ experience for children and for them to gain the most out of their early education and reach expected levels of development. Parents know their children best and the most effective partnerships between school and home help the child to feel safe and secure, while in the setting, if they see that their parents feel comfortable there. Teachers and parents are able to create a shared level of expectation to improve practice and outcomes for the children, ensuring every child has their full individual needs met.