| Year 4


At Sherborne House, we are very lucky to often welcome inspirational visitors into the classroom so that the children are able to further develop their knowledge of different topics.

Year 4 were treated to a special visit from Hannah Beaven and Becky Attrill, two audiologists from Specsavers Hearing Centre.

The visit helped to consolidate the children’s learning in science in their unit of work about Sound. The children were fascinated with the presentation and discovering some more facts about hearing. Some of the questions asked by the children included: ‘What would happen if we only had one ear? and ‘Why do our ears pop?’

In addition, to help consolidate their learning on how we hear, the children have also gained an understanding of how some individuals may experience hearing loss and the ways hearing specialists can help them.

We would like to send a sincere thank you to Mr Dunster, Joshua’s Dad, for offering his audiologists to visit our Year 4 children; and of course a huge thank you to both Hannah and Becky, from Specsavers Hearing Centre, for their informative and exciting presentation.