| Reception

As part of their Understanding of the World, Reception have been learning about their body parts. We began the week by playing Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Following this we labelled our bodies and the children were challenged to use their phonic knowledge to help them read the words. We talked about how we could work out which body part was on the label even if we couldn’t recognise all of the sounds. The children worked hard to decode each body part by recognising the initial and final sounds.

Alongside this, we have been developing our class role play area to reflect a doctors surgery and some of the children at home have also been creating role play surgeries to explore the role of a doctor further. Some of the children built their own hospitals and spoke to some of their grown ups to find out about the work they do. In class, the children enjoyed building an ambulance and playing the role of doctors and patients. We finished the week by sharing our findings about what doctors do.