| Reception

The dinosaurs appeared in the classroom one morning and almost immediately began to get up to mischief, just as the cheeky elf did at Christmas. They hid in all kinds of strange places and so the children decided to make a record of where they were. Some children recorded the dinosaurs’ whereabouts on a chart while others took photographs using the iPads. It was a big surprise one morning when all the dinosaurs seemed to have disappeared. In their place were some photographs showing that the dinosaurs had been all over the school including visiting Mrs Szasz, Mrs Hopson-Hill, and even venturing over to the lunch hall where they enjoyed a piece of cake! The final photo showed the dinosaurs heading towards the school gate, which triggered a lively discussion about where the dinosaurs were heading. Wanted posters were quickly made, ready to be displayed around school asking anyone who found the dinosaurs to return them to the classroom! Imagine one of the children’s surprise when four dinosaurs were outside his front door the following morning!

Over the half term break, each child chose a dinosaur to look after at home in the hope that the dinosaur would not get up to any more mischief. This proved tricky for some as the dinosaurs enjoyed the adventure of living in a new environment. One dinosaur became Dr Dino as he helped during a hospital visit. Other dinosaurs enjoyed a trip to soft play, baking cakes, meeting their dinosaur friends for a party and time in the sand! Dinosaurs obviously get very hungry as one tried to eat a curry and another enjoyed visiting Nanny’s house to eat cheese bagels. Some dinosaurs were very helpful and helped the children with their reading and number formation.

When the children returned to school after half term, they were keen to share their dinosaur adventures with their friends. There was a very lively discussion with lots of questions and laughter before the children enthusiastically wrote about all that the dinosaurs had done. We are now all waiting and wondering what the dinosaurs will do next!