| Year 4


This half term, the children in Year 4 have started their digestion topic in science.

The children have started at the top of the system, learning about mouths and what happens there. They have spent some time reviewing their knowledge of teeth function and how they help us. More specifically, they have looked at the structure of teeth and how that affects their function.

The children have built models out of clay by carefully studying their shape. They have compared human teeth to those of other mammals. In addition to this, they have made predictions about an animal’s diet, based on its tooth structure.

In their most recent lesson, the children have been animated by their topic - the digestion process (from top to bottom). A thoroughly practical lesson on ‘poo’ production modelled the process from consumption, mastication, digestion through to its final outcome. Fortunately, this could be modelled with the aid of a meal (kindly provided by Mrs Vincent in the kitchen), a potato masher, a pair of tights and a few jugs.

A lesson I’m sure we are all likely to remember for some time to come.