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Y5 Art2 Oct18
Y5 Art3 Oct18

Art plays a very important role in our curriculum as it gives each pupil the chance to express them self creatively and allows them to explore their imagination. Always trying to expand pupils knowledge and introduce them to new things which might become a new hobby or interest.

Flourishing artists in Year 5 have been diving deeper into the style of painting called Pointillism, which is the technique of painting using small dots of colour to produce an image. Using cotton wool buds to develop the form of art, the children have investigated the visual mixing of colours by placing dots close together and recorded this in a colour wheel.

As part of the project, Year 5 looked closely at the artist George Seurat and in particular his painting called “The River Seine at La Grande-Jatte”. The children worked on producing their own versions, taking particular care with the different shades in the water.

Year 5 also closely analysed a painting by Gustav Klimt who was influenced by the Pointillism way of painting and used it in “The Apple Tree”. The children worked together collaboratively in groups to produce their own piece, using teamwork and decision making skills to ensure the activity was completed efficiently.

All the children worked enthusiastically on their Pointillism techniques and produced some lovely pieces of art.