| Year 2

Y2 Lanterns4 Nov18
Y2 Lanterns2 Nov18

Year 2 worked together in small groups to create their own Florence Nightingale style lantern for their forthcoming assembly.

In our History lessons, the children have enjoyed learning about Florence Nightingale and why she became known as ‘The Lady with the Lamp’. They have made thoughtful comparisons between nursing in the past and present day and learned how Florence Nightingale improved hygiene in hospitals in the Crimea. The children have all enjoyed carrying out their own research to develop their wider understanding of life in the past and why Florence Nightingale is still remembered today. In preparation for their assembly on Florence Nightingale, to our Year 2 parents, the children how worked enthusiastically on designing and making their own lamps, which they will be using on stage. During the designing process, the children were given the opportunity to evaluate their own work with a focus on stability and structure of the final product. The children are now really looking forward to their performance and sharing displaying their designs during the assembly.