| Year 5

We in Year 5 have been exploring 3D modelling in their ICT lessons.

During the first lesson, we learnt how to use the 2Design & make tool from Purple Mash in order to create and edit an existing design. Using a house design as a stimulus, we discussed what we would expect to see on the exterior of a house and put our creative design skills into practise by designing our own bricks and roof tiles.

We then had to think about all aspects of our house and the view that would be seen from all angles. Following this discussion, we began to design our own windows and doors, thinking carefully about how the net of our house would affect which of our point view faces we would need to edit. Our challenge was to add window sills and door knobs to our designs and keep our house as realistic as possible.

In future lessons we will be exploring what happens to the nets and 3D modelling when we change the ‘points view’ and link it back to the original design of a vehicle.