| Year 5

Year 5 have been exploring features of dragons to practise their sketching skills.

Year 5 have been immersed in the world of dragons this term. The children have been studying the origins of dragons and how dragon-tales have changed through time.

They looked at dragons in art and stories to decide how dragons are perceived by various artists, and how their own perceptions could be changed after viewing different representations.

After exploring the history of dragons, the children created a list of features we might expect to see in a ‘regular’ dragon, before building a bank of vocabulary to describe the features. After generating a ‘wish list’ for their own dragon, the children began to draw their own versions, concentrating on 6 key features they wanted to define in their sketches; from eyes, scales, tails, claws, wings and facial expressions.

Finally the children recapped sketching techniques before applying them to their own pictures; attempting to create texture and depth to their creations.