| Year 4

We have enjoyed another action-packed week in team Year Four!


On 21st May it was the 'World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development'. We honoured this by celebrating the richness of our cultures. We understand that we are all special and unique and that there is a wide range of cultures represented in our school. Every Year Four child had the opportunity to share something special. We were impressed with the wide variety of presentations including talks about family trees, explaining the significance of haggis, discussing the Polish alphabet and looking at beautiful clothes such as an adire from south western Nigeria.


Our whole school First Aid Day took place on Tuesday. Year Four showed a keen interest in learning vital first aid skills such as dealing with burns or bleeding and how to call for help. They especially enjoyed the role-play and there were some stellar performances. Well done, Year Four you are certainly caring First Aid champions.


In stem, our learning on electricity took a more sustainable and environmentally friendly turn. We learned about some children who live in a remote and rural area in Peru and who do not have access to electricity. This makes their lives very hard and difficult to improve. As a class we discussed other ways to generate electricity and we researched how useful wind turbines are to rural areas. We are now designing our own wind turbine systems which we will build and test later on in the Summer Term. We are hoping that we can emulate scientists who have created easy and cheap ways to generate electricity to improve the lives of the children in rural Peru.