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Year 4 have been working hard on their new "Talk 4 Writing" genre.

The children have been studying a new fiction genre - ‘conquering the monster tales’. They have been using the Talk 4 Writing format to unpick their focus text ‘A Sorceress Comes to Camelot’. They have thoroughly enjoyed their drama introductions to the text and this helped them to get under the skin of the story. Using our class text map, they have quickly learnt, by heart, the plot and can now recite it from start to finish. In addition, they have looked at the emotional journey that the reader is taken on by the author. We are now examining some of the features of the writing in greater depth, in order for the children to understand some of the ‘tricks of the trade’ that a writer will use. We will be moving onto adapting the focus text so that the they can then write their own individual conquering the monster tale.