| Year 5

Visits to The Gregg School, by 5P at the end of last term and 5E last week, left the children amazed and undeniably impressed by the power of science. The children were given the opportunity to experience some impressive science activities and play, yes PLAY, with some chemicals! Mr Benning (Gregg School teacher) led the children through two afternoons of experiments, whilst educating them on various safety issues associated with working in a lab and with chemicals. He also discussed some current issues that chemistry may be able to solve. The children spent most the afternoon with huge grins on their faces whilst Mr Benning brought to life aspects of chemistry such as the periodic table. Everyone was introduced to various ways to test for gases as well as produce pure hydrogen and oxygen. There was never a dull moment during either afternoon and the children were very impressed by Mr Benning’s daring antics in setting his hand on fire (deliberately, of course!) and making and igniting rocket fuel to power a bottle rocket right across the room. Experiencing these experiments was aimed to inspire the pupils in a fun and informative way. They were able to reflect on their learning and describe what they observed, smelt and heard, developing their use of correct scientific vocabulary to explain their observations.