| Year 3

It’s been a fun filled, fantastic term with lots of learning and laughter

In English the children enjoyed learning about ‘How to catch a Dragon’. To begin, the children learnt a set of instructions about how to catch a dragon. After this, the children used a template to change the ideas in the instructions to suit their own needs. Some children wrote about how to catch unicorns, pandas and villains!

In maths, the children have been collecting and recording data about different topics. They have been using pictograms and bar charts to present they data that they have collected. They collected data about favourite flavour ice creams and animals. The children even asked the Year 4 and Reception children to help us by answering our questions about their favourite animals. They learnt about the importance of a title, labels and clear bars on their charts.

In geography and science, the children have been learning all about the earth and what it is made up of. They understood that the crust of the Earth is made up of tectonic plates that move to create earthquakes and volcanoes. They have also learnt about the different kinds of rocks that can be formed from magma. In science, the children have also been learning about plants and growing and they have learnt all about the different methods of seed dispersal.

We have had a brilliant summer term of Year 3 and the children are now ready to move on up to Year 4! Well done for a fantastic Year 3 and good luck in Year 4!