| Year 6

In English, the children have been learning how to create suspense and tension in a piece of writing after watching a film clip containing these features. They created a suspense chain on which they had to write a sentence using short sentences, similes and metaphors, ellipses and short sentences. Small groups constructed suspense chains and shared these with the rest of the class. These will be used for reference as they progress through this unit of work and create longer pieces of writing.

As part of their geography topic of rivers, Year 6 went into the playground to develop their understanding of one of the main river features - the meander. Skipping ropes were set up as the shape of the river with a series of meanders (think EastEnders!). The children were asked to be the ‘river’ and had to stand in lines across the start of the river and carefully walk around trying to remain in their lines. At the meanders, the children at the edges were asked to describe what had happened; those on the inside of a curve found they were left behind a little bit, and those on outside had to move faster to keep up. Children then picked up and/or dropped bean bags to show where erosion and deposition occurs.