| Year 1

On Monday morning the children discovered that a cauldron had magically appeared in their classroom!

The children took it in turns to pick an object out of the cauldron that was hiding inside… a map, some crisps, a ruler, a glue stick to name a few.

The children shared with each other what they already knew about cauldrons and generated some excellent vocabulary - wizards, witches, frogs, potion, colourful.

They then thought about what they would like to find out about the cauldron -

‘Who put it in our classroom?’

(The children suspect Mrs Stupple, as they started a witch dance with her last week!),

‘Where will the map take us?’ and ‘What is the glue stick for?’

The children then enjoyed listening to a selection of stories linked to witches and cauldrons and then shared their likes and dislikes about the story ‘Potion Commotion’.

Continuing our interest in the cauldron, in Art, the children made their own colour wheels which looked like colourful bubbles coming out of the colour mixing cauldron. They also learnt what a ‘primary colour’ and ‘secondary colour’ meant and enjoyed mixing them together using the colour wheel.