| Year 5

Over the last few weeks, the pupils in Year 5 have been working on non-fiction texts, focussing on the use of technical vocabulary, detailed explanations and clear presentation. They have explored the vocabulary and layout of castle features and thought about what might have happened in each place. Each child devised their own plan view of a castle and its grounds, then thought up background information to explain the names and purposes of different areas of the site. Having listened to excerpts of a real audio tour and identified some features of this type of text, each child then wrote a script to narrate a tour around their own castle. With the English side of the work completed, everyone then used a photograph of their plan to create a PowerPoint slide, inserting buttons to mark each stop on their tour. They then used Audacity to record their narration for each stop, and added the saved file to action buttons, enabling the user to click on a location and hear the associated audio. All of the children were fully engaged in researching, planning and writing their script, tailoring their work to suit the intended audience. Combining images and sound within PowerPoint enabled the children to develop their skills with multi-media presentations and take pride in actively sharing their work with others.