| Year 4

Year 4 kicked off the year group assemblies to parents this week.

After many weeks of preparations, Year 4 finally took to the stage this week. They had been working hard for some considerable time. It all started with a brainstorming session so they could decide what they wanted to include in their production. With this determined, they set upon writing a script of what they wished to share with parents. The result was a collaborative work, touching on much of what they have learnt so far this tem. A wonderful gym display opened, followed by pieces on PE and games, history (The Celts), geography (St. Lucia), science (electricity), art (Henri Rousseau) and maths too. Not to mention 2 songs organised by the wonderful Mrs Lee. A fabulous effort by all concerned, well done Year 4 and a special thank you to all behind the scenes who helped with learning scripts and song words.