| Year 1

1J and 5P had a “sweet” time trying to building the tallest freestanding structure they could using marshmallows and spaghetti. The children had to work in a team and consider how a structure could be strong enough to stand alone and support itself as it grew taller. There were lots of good ideas and 1J drew great ideas from their experiences building 3D shapes in maths to give them ideas as to how a structure could be made strong. As a second challenge, the teams then had to use liquorice allsorts to build the tallest tower possible. There were some really innovative ideas including deconstructing the sweets so that they could use the lightest bits only to considering how shape and weight were placed in their structures.

1M and 5E had great fun constructing catapults. They worked in small groups and followed instructions to make their catapults, using: elastic bands, giant lolly sticks, sticky backed plastic and plastic bottle tops. The groups then had chance to test their catapults and make any tweaks, before the hotly anticipated competition. Coloured spots were used to mark the distances and groups had two attempts to launch their ping-pong balls as far as they could. It was a competitive event with Joe and his team ending up as winners.