| Year 5

Design Technology (DT) is important in school as it helps develop children's skills and knowledge in design, structures, mechanisms, electrical control and a range of materials, including food. It encourages children's creativity and for them to think about important issues.

This term in Year 5, DT lessons have focused on bread; with the children researching different types of bread and learning about bread from around the world followed by a popular tasting session.

In groups, all the children were instructed with the invaluable help of our Catering Manager, Mrs Westbrook, on the bread-making process. They were given the ingredients and learnt how to make the dough. After much mixing and kneading, each pupil was able to produce a bread roll ready to be baked in the school ovens.

Mrs Westbrook discussed bread at the end of the session and answered any questions that the children had. Year 5 were given a free choice as to the shape of their roll and at the end of the day, paper bags were seen going home with heart-shaped, plaits, rings as well as a variety of different creations.

These lessons in DT have given the children the opportunity to develop a skill they might not have had the chance to try otherwise, broaden their knowledge in a new area and understand the design and creation of an everyday, functional product.

Take a look at some of Year 5's magnificent bread roll creations in their DT lessons in our photo gallery.