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On Thursday 3rd December, something very strange happened. Each class received a scroll, tied up with a ribbon. We opened them to reveal a letter from Father Christmas, which read as follows:

Dear Children of Sherborne House,
It has come to my attention that two of my reindeer have been up to no good!
My trusted elves have told me that they have been found within your school grounds.
Although they have been naughty, please I ask that you look after them until they can be returned to me?
You can go and say hello to them and tell them your Christmas wishes. However, do not step too close... you do not want to brush the magic away from their hair.
Best wishes,
Santa Clause

Following receipt of this, each class was able to go and see the mischievous reindeer, Blitzen and Donner. They were situated on the school’s front lawn, accompanied by two workers from the North Pole, who were able to answer all of our questions.

It was a truly magical experience had by all!