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Pre-Reception have been busy exploring a variety of activities themed around the topic ‘Space’.

The children have been particularly interested in travelling to Space in a rocket during choosing time, so this week the class have been learning all about Space.

The children started by having a look at the story ‘Back to Earth with a Bump!’ and enjoyed designing their own planets. To encourage their self-confidence, the children were then asked to describe the planet they had created to the class. They were able to explain why they chose a particular colour and even what the weather was like on their planet!

It is important to support children's confidence and self-esteem because it will help them grow into confident adults. Praise and encouragement during activities such as this are important in their life, boosts the positive feelings they have about themselves and encourages the children to go on achieving at school.

Pre-Reception also had a special visitor, ‘Orson the Alien’, he came all the way from the planet ‘Orb’ to learn about what it is like to live on Earth. The children have been absorbed in this topic so far and have been excited to see what Orson has been up to in the classroom. Even our Mathematics sessions have been Space themed as the children have been busy with a variety of Alien counting activities.