Join The Bellevue Family Challenge!

The Challenge Five fun lockdown challenges to complete while you're working and learning from home!

How it works
To take part in each weekly challenge, post your photos, videos and GIFs on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #BVFamilyChallenge, making sure to include your school's social media handle too (e.g. @SchoolSherfield)!

Bellevue will showcase a weekly leaderboard of schools with the top numbers of entries, as well as sharing their top three entries of the week, chosen from across the group, on their own channels.

Follow @BlvueGroup to get involved!

See an example of Week One's 'frieze' challenge, from Adam Atkinson, Head of Digital Development at Bellevue Education.

Week One - w/b 11

A Snapshot of Lockdown Life and Learning:
A family ‘frieze’ of what life is like in your house after a short time in lockdown 2021.

Week Two - w/b 18 January

January Replicate a Famous Painting as a Family:
Recreate a famous painting with your own live photographed version! This was a popular venture for families during the first lockdown; the more interesting the replica, the better. Please post the title of the original painting for comparison, or if you want to make it an interactive post, ask people to guess which painting it is and put the painting/answer in a few days later.

Week Three - w/b 25 January

Makes and Bakes: S
Show your family engaging in a creative activity or process where everyone is involved in one stage or another. This could be shown in a photo collage or montage, or short video montage.

Week Four - w/b 1 February

Week Four of Lockdown 2021:
The GIF! A GIF showing how your family is coping four weeks in. There are lots of sites that allow short video clips to be turned into GIFs.

Week Five - w/b 8 February

Family Charades:
Film a family charade of a song or a film. You could get even more creative and do it as a ‘Tik Tok’-style video. To make it an interactive post, ask people to guess which song/film it is and post the answer a few days later.