| Year 1

Year 1 visited the living museum in Basingstoke to support their learning about what life was like for Victorian children.

The children took part in a series of workshops in which they explored toys and games from the past. These workshops helped them to understand what toys were made from; showed them surprising information about the small amounts of toys children had; and other ways in which they created games. The children thoroughly enjoyed playing different types of games and learning various singing and active games. Particular favourites were Oranges and Lemons, hopscotch and dominoes.

The children also explored a Victorian school, an old-fashioned sweet shop and a range of bikes, including a penny farthing. They enjoyed dressing up and learning about how travel has changed, including exploring a Victorian railway station and seeing how vehicles have changed.

Linked to our classroom learning, a real toy timeline was also enlightening as children had to order toys through each decade from the past 100 years.

See more photos from the trip here.