| Nursery

Our toddlers have enjoyed learning all about the world.

They have been using their senses to discover different cultures and different ways of life. They have explored new foods and learned new languages by 'travelling' to countries all over the world.

We supported the children's learning of colours and shapes by exploring different flags. The children then got creative and made their own flags which they waved back and forth along to the Italian national anthem. The children learned new ways to move as they explored music and sounds and copied traditional dances.

As part of our morning group time, where we welcome everyone into nursery, we learned new ways to say hello and introduced our new morning song 'Hello to all the children of the world.'

This learning inspired our French lessons which we continued throughout the week. The children also learned the numbers 1-5 in a few different languages like Mandarin, French and Italian.

The children enjoyed expressing themselves through music and movement as we zoomed to the moon with 'Sticky Kids'. They also manipulated colourful salt dough aliens and decorated them with a variety of items. In the water tray, they explored new textures as they made space slime potions and developed their pouring and scooping skills. Some children used junk modelling to create their very own rockets. Others built rockets using the Duplo, and everyone enjoyed the 10-1 blast off games.

As part of our space group times we sang '5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer' and looked at numbers and how to represent them using our fingers.