| Year 2

In our English lessons the children have enthusiastically described what life on earth is like for them and demonstrated a wealth of scientific and general knowledge in their descriptive writing, in support of their independent understanding of the world around them. We then discussed how our planet was part of a vast universe and we began to wonder what life would be like on a different planet.

To our amazement a special ‘radio signal’ was picked up last week from Alien Blob on Planet Zog, who was most interested in reading our descriptions of planet earth and what we as humans, looked like, as the aliens were planning to visit earth in the very near future.

The ‘radio message’ from Planet Zog excited the children and stirred their imagination and curiosity, making them wonder what an alien would look like! And so began our amazing creative art modelling activity, to design and make an alien using recycled materials which included, card boxes, tubes, tubs and cardboard rolls, straws, string, foil and even golf balls!

Here is a selection of ‘alien beings’ created by Year 2 pupils working either at home or in school. The aliens have been given names and I think you will agree that they have all taken on personalities of their own!