| Year 4

On Monday, we were extremely fortunate to be joined by Mrs Ganjavian-Connor who spoke to us about her adventures around the world, both past and present. We were amazed to find out that Mrs Ganjavian-Connor has found evidence of plastic pollution across the world in extreme places like bottle caps at the peaks of mountains, tyres at the bottom of the sea and all sorts of rubbish littering beautiful beaches, particularly in the Pacific Ocean.

We asked questions such as ‘Where is the worst place that you have seen plastic?’ also ‘Is it hard to walk down a mountain without falling?’, ‘How many bleached coral reefs have you seen?’.

It was interesting to discover that some cultures believe that throwing rubbish is a good thing as it generates jobs for others and we now understand that education is really important to help people begin to change their behaviours. Somewhere where Mrs Ganjavian-Connor has not seen a huge amount of litter is in the desert, particularly in Egypt, as the Bedouins who live there have a huge respect for nature.

Mrs Ganjavian-Connor is passionate about the planet and spoke about her new adventure: The B.I.G North Pole 2022, to research how much black carbon and micro plastic there is in sea ice, to gather information to take back to Washington University and Stanford University.

This talk with Mrs Ganjavian-Connor made us all aware of how precious our world is and how even small changes that we can make will really impact our environment in a positive way. We are looking forward to exploring more about this in our next term’s topics.