| Year 2

A mysterious large box was delivered to Year 2 as part of a hook lesson to introduce our current unit of learning in English based on George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl.

The lesson began with an old cardboard box being delivered to Year 2.

The label attached to the front of the box read:

‘If found this box is only to be opened by the pupils in Year 2’.

The children excitedly asked imaginative and searching questions about the box to try to find out how old it was, where it had been found, why had it been hidden and who it may have belonged to?

The children’s natural curiosity was quickly engaged as the box was slowly opened and the contents unveiled.

An old wooden box, beautifully decorated with designs in gold, red and orange inspired the children to make thoughtful predictions on what was inside. Secret treasure maps, diamonds, a magic lantern, a magic vase and a gigantic spider were just a few of the imaginative suggestions made.

Finally, it was time to open the box and reveal the mysterious contents to an extremely excited Year 2. An unusual luminous multi-coloured bottle was carefully taken out of the box, which prompted many more creative ideas from the children about what the bottle could be used for, which included magic potions, spells and an assortment of different liquids.