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In Year 2, the children have enjoyed a wonderful learning experience in the classroom with 10 chicks, which they observed hatching and growing.

The children have recently been set a Science project to design and make a small scale chicken coop. We were keen to encourage the children to think about the next stage of the chicks’ development and how they could be kept safe over the next couple of months in a new home.

Charles in 2CR had a brilliant idea for his chicken coop and, with a little help from his grandfather, designed and built a chicken coop for some of the chicks that the children reared in class; the chicks now live with Mrs Kenley, our Year 2 teaching assistant. In addition, Philip in 2W, thought carefully about temperature, feeding and space in his design.

This topic has inspired the children to use their imagination and develop their own ideas, as well as exploring different materials and how they can be joined. Over the next week, the children are looking forward to seeing all the other exciting designs and creativity from this project.

Charles was delighted to give his chicken coop design to Mrs Kenley for the chicks and we are now eagerly awaiting some photographs of the chicks enjoying their new home. We are very grateful to Charlie for this lovely gift and on behalf of us all and the chickens, would like to say a very big THANK YOU.