| Year 2

In our English lessons the children have been engaged in making comparisons between different story characters from a selection of traditional tales and developing their wider use of descriptive vocabulary.

This week their focus has been to write a character description for a witch, by considering appearance, personality, clothing and textures. To engage the children’s imagination and creativity, they all enjoyed following a set of written instructions in order to create a 3D witch, on which to base their descriptions. This activity successfully linked Creative Art, English and Maths, as accurate measuring skills were also required! The completed witches have all developed visual personalities of their own and are now on display in the Year 2 classrooms.

Towards the end of the week our witches activity had given way to an important date Mothering Sunday. The children applied a range of previously taught skills in order to design and make their beautiful cards, which featured individually crafted tulips. Inside each card was a personal letter in their best handwriting!