| Reception

On Wednesday 6th September, the children in Caterpillar Class and Ladybird Class arrived at school and found the scarecrow they had made on transition day back in July, ready to welcome them.

The children brought shoeboxes to school full of items that are special to them. The children used their shoeboxes to introduce themselves to their class members during our first Show and Tell session.

In P.E. the children have delighted in finding out about themselves and others through teamwork involving our rainbow coloured parachute. Listening carefully to instructions they have played games and supported one another to complete a variety of tasks.

The children have been getting to know one another through a range of learning opportunities, from the Farm Shop to digging in our outside learning area, from music lessons with Mrs Lee to ICT and maths.

Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Smith are very happy that all the children have settled into school life so quickly.

Well done Caterpillars and Ladybirds.