| Year 1

The children in Year 1 have learned about diary writing this half term and enjoyed listening to the story ‘The Man on the Moon’.

In groups with an adult, the children looked at lots of different examples of diary entries and found some of the features of a diary entry; past tense, dear diary, I, time conjunctions...

We remembered what Bob did while he was at work in the story of ‘The Man on the Moon’ and thought of imaginative things we could do if we were to blast off to the moon!

Some creative ideas we thought we could do on the moon were…

  • Play football with moon rocks
  • Visit a zoo with alien animals
  • Moon crater swimming pool
  • Theme park
  • Eating moon cheese and crackers
  • Painting the moon multi-coloured
  • Building underground houses

We used our ideas and the features of a diary entry to write our own astronaut diaries!