| Year 1

This week, the Year 1 children have begun to learn about 3D shapes.

They have learnt that they are a solid shape that you can pick up and they are not flat. The children were able to confidently name and label 3D shapes and have been using the vocabulary faces, vertices/vertex and edges to describe them. The children were able to use their knowledge of 3D shapes to name some real-life objects that they see and use every day.

Using cocktail sticks and sweets, the teachers demonstrated how to use the resources to make a 3D shapes. The children were set the challenge to create 3D shapes of their own and name them. They needed to think carefully about how long the edges needed to be and where the sweets would “fix” together.

In our classes, we discussed together how we could only make the shapes with straight edges and learnt that if we tried to bend the cocktail sticks, they would snap in half! It was quite tricky to make the shapes stay upright so the children supported each other at the final stages of their making.

It was enjoyed by all although it was very tempting to eat the sweets!