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Recognising the importance of good mental health and raising an awareness of burn safety.

It was World Mental Health Day last Friday (9th October). The World Mental Health Day message is that:

Together, we can look out for each other and feel hopeful about the future, by wearing something yellow.

To acknowledge World Mental Health Day many of our children chose to wear a yellow accessory to school last Friday such as a hair clip, sock, badge. In class we also discussed with the children who they can talk to if they are feeling upset or vulnerable.

On Wednesday 14th October it was National Burns Awareness Day. We talked to the children about the dangers in the home and from fire/hot water and also what to do in the event of a burn injury.

Bella in Y1 speaking and highlighting the presentation on burns.

I would like to share with you the burn story of one of our children (with the permission from Mum):

Bella was 4 years old when she was seriously burned by a pan of boiling water


The Children’s Burn Trust’s site has useful advice for families and age-appropriate activities for children.

The key message to take away If ever you experience serious burns –
Cool the burn in tepid (not freezing cold) water for 20 minutes.
Call 999 then
Cover the burn in cling film

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Written by

Pamela Holmes
4HS Form Tutor
Upper and Lower School Tutor
Personal Social Health Education and Citizenship Leader