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We have had a busy and fun week at school. Last week saw our week of activities for Children In Need. On Friday 13th November it was World Kindness Day, and this week it is the National Anti-bullying Week too!

During this week at Sherborne House school, we have been exploring what kindness means and how we can show little acts of kindness. It is a helpful way of reinforcing kindness which we then can continue to practice throughout the year. Some of the ways we thought can show kindness are:

smile when you walk past others, tidy up around our classrooms and home, hold the door open for someone, write or draw a positive message on post-it notes, ask someone about their day, invite others to play their games. We also talked about being kind to ourselves too.

We have also been discussing the theme, ‘United Against Bullying’ as part of the National Anti-bullying week, following on from our learning when we participated in the on-line Big Anti-Bullying Assembly in October.

We reinforced the message that bullying is repeated unwanted behaviour and the different types of bullying such as verbal, physical, on-line and emotional. In my discussions with Year Six we also discussed racial bullying and what they could do if (in the unlikely event) it should happen to them or a friend in the future.

Our Sherborne House community is definitely ‘‘United Against Bullying’.

Mrs Holmes
Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education Lead