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Now there has been a great deal of sport in the news recently. Wimbledon, The Tour de France, the women’s T20, and I am sure that there was something else… some small football tournament.

Sport is a great opportunity to learn to give the best of yourself with sacrifice and commitment, but above all, not alone. We live in a time, when thanks to the massive presence of new technologies and the pandemic it has become all too easy to isolate oneself, to create virtual bonds with many people but at a distance. Links but alone. The great thing about playing with a ball is being able to do it with others, passing it, learning to build the action of a game, joining together as a team… the ball becomes a means of inviting real people to share friendship, to find oneself in a space, to look at yourself, to challenge yourself to put your skills to the test. Football, Netball, Rugby – whatever – are team games that can’t be enjoyed by themselves. Playing makes you happy because you can express yourself in complete freedom, compete in a fun way, spend time simply because you like it – you play your sport – running after a dream without necessarily becoming a champion. As parents we must help our children to understand the mentality of the game, of gratuity and of sociability to encourage them in difficult times especially after a defeat… and to help them understand that being on the bench is not a humiliation but an opportunity to grow and an opportunity for another person. So that they may always have the pleasure of doing their best, because beyond the game there is a life that awaits them.

As the school year draws to a close, I want to thank the staff of the school for the huge contribution they make to the education of the children, for the opportunities they provide and for the dedication they bring to their work. We live in an ever changing educational world and it is vital that we embrace such change and keep abreast of modern educational theory. But it is equally important that we remember that teaching is a vocation and that we should be passionate about protecting and supporting the young children we educate and dedicate ourselves to helping them grow in confidence as young people who can make a positive contribution in life both for themselves and for others.

Today we say goodbye to our wonderful Year 6. You have all been excellent. It has been a great pleasure to have such a responsible, reliable, helpful, sociable and talented group of young men and women to work with. You have made your teachers very proud. You have set a superb example to the younger pupils and you have been great ambassadors for the SHS. You leave us with our very best wishes.

Thank you for your great contribution to the school and remember to come back to visit us.

Mark Beach