| Head's Blog

I have been struck by how well the children at Sherborne House have coped in these very unusual times. While we were keen to welcome Year 6, Year 1, Reception and Nursery pupils back into school, we were worried that they would find the return to Sherborne House difficult. Employing social distancing measures, bubbles and hubs meant that the school life they had been used to before lockdown was now going to be very different. How would the children cope? Would they display high levels of anxiety? We need not to have been concerned. They have come into school happy, fully embracing the ‘new normal’. Indeed, pupils across the school have demonstrated great emotional maturity and resilience. They have adapted to all that has been thrown at them – online learning, being away from their friends, social distancing and the understandable anxiety of life in a pandemic. I believe that moving forward, and as the pandemic eventually recedes, and life becomes more as we remember it used to be, the way that the children have coped with these difficult and unusual times will prepare them well for future challenges. Through this period the children have learnt valuable life lessons which will help them keep a sense of perspective about everything that happens to them, good and bad. They will be better at coping with what lies ahead.

Mr Beach