| Head's Blog

We are all really excited to be welcoming all our wonderful children back to school on the 8th March. I don’t think we came into teaching with a desire to teach our lessons via Google Classroom. We all much prefer teaching face to face lessons. However, interacting with our pupils online is better than not interacting with them at all.

Teaching online has certainly been a journey for all of us since last March. It has meant that we have had to become more creative and we have all adapted our delivery and content to ensure that our children are fully engaged. I think that a big difference between this period of online learning as opposed to the last lockdown has been our adherence to the timetable. Children like routine! Allowing them time in the day to interact with their peers has also been vital. I am sure that will have helped them in these uncertain times.

So Covid-19 has raised many challenges and caused us as teachers to use all our ingenuity to ensure that our children are fully engaged and continue to make progress with their learning. I do believe that as we move forward the lessons that we have learned thorough this period will benefit the children in the long run. The pandemic has proven the value of technology. It has forced us all to think more creatively. I know that this period of lockdown will positively impact our face to face lessons.

As the children return to school they will continue to be brilliant, as they have been throughout this entire period. Despite all that is asked of them – new routines and rules – they have adapted to everything superbly and we all know that they want to be at school so that they can be with their friends and learning in person rather than just facing screens all day!