| Head's Blog

It has been wonderful to welcome the children back to school! Whilst an empty site during the holidays is very handy from an operational point of view, permitting repairs and building jobs to be carried out safely and speedily, the school simply is not the same without the children! They are the school’s heart and soul. When the classrooms and playgrounds are full, there is a buzz and an electricity in the air, together with a sense of fun and a camaraderie which spreads across the school and is uplifting; it makes Sherborne House such a happy and positive place to be.

Taking assembly on the first day is always a great privilege, as I see the children at the very beginning of their school journey, either as new joiners to our school, or as they enter a new year. In either situation, there is a nervous frisson which fills the air and is almost palpable, together with an evident desire on the part of each child to do their very best and to please. Their journey is an exciting one to be part of, as its ultimate destination is unknown; one can only guess the path it may take, and the heights that may be achieved. As teachers, it is so rewarding to see that, for our children, school is an adventure waiting to unfold, with dreams to be fulfilled, high hopes and expectations to be realised and progress to be made. As a staff, we are extremely lucky to be able to share and shape this journey, a responsibility which we embrace willingly and which gives us huge satisfaction and enjoyment.

It is always a pleasure to welcome families from new locations, both near and far, and to see the multi-cultural world in which we live, increasingly reflected in our school. As teachers, we often talk to our children about commonalities, and that people can be ‘different, but all the same,’ and it is wonderful to see this being demonstrated in our own school life. Exposure to new cultures, ideas and beliefs enriches our lives and helps us to understand others’ points of view.

I would like to extend to all our pupils and their families, a very warm welcome to the new academic year. The staff and I look forward to working with you in the coming months, and wish you all a very successful and happy year.

Heather Hopson-Hill, Head Teacher