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Nathaniel Woodard said,

“We only have one chance with the education of our children, so their tomorrow must be our urgency today”.

We take that responsibility incredibly seriously.

At Sherborne House we look to prepare our pupils for the world that we believe we should all aspire to, one in which there is an emphasis on encouragement and recognition of our diversity and where we want our pupils to consider not what they can do for themselves but what they can do for others.

We want to build on the confidence that has already been nurtured in the Early Years to develop skills and empathy that will make our pupils the leaders that we want and need to direct the course of our society in the future.

In a society where dog eating dog has sadly become commonplace, it is essential that we try to encourage our children to think beyond self-interest and to act responsibly and to acquire values that will serve them and their communities well.

We need to teach children that they live best by pleasing others and trusting in turn, that others will do the same for them. Values cannot simply be taught in isolation. Instead schools need to make a concerted effort to share their values, whether through assemblies, PSHE, or, best of all as an integral part of all lessons, activities and relationships, with their wider communities.