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‘Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty.’

- Albert Einstein

One occasionally hears the comment from adults that education is wasted on the young. Nonsensical as it sounds, for many adults suffering a mid-life crisis the idea of being able to go back to university or pursue some other form of study ranks right up there with travelling the world or growing olives in Sicily!

I think that by packaging education as work we rather spoil it for children. Of course, the ability to work hard is the means to an end, but work, as we all know, can be enjoyable, in fact it must become so, if we are able to get on. Life without work, some purpose becomes pointless and empty.

Learning should be a joy and good teachers make it so. The tragedy is that poor teachers can turn the joy to drudgery. We have a responsibility not just to educate but to inspire, not to impart, but to impel, to properly light the fire.

Sherborne House’s curriculum is delivered in such a way as to act as tinder which ignites the fire of curiosity in our learners. Our teachers are passionate and dedicated and want the very best for the pupils.

Mark Beach