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One of the best things about being in a multicultural environment is being able to celebrate cultural events from countries around the world. Having the chance to experience these events gives our pupils the opportunity to celebrate and understand each other’s nationalities. At the beginning of this week, Sherborne House celebrated Chinese New Year where the children learned a sequence of moves to the traditional Chinese Lion, Dragon and fan dances. Year 2 also told the School of the story behind the Chinese zodiac signs in their assembly (click here to see a video of the assembly).

In this modern age, diversity and cultural awareness have become more important than they ever were before. One of the places where this evident is at schools like Sherborne House where children from many different cultural backgrounds come together. As a school, we are lucky enough to have pupils from thirteen different nationalities. With a wide variety of nationalities present in a single place, Sherborne House can offer a small glimpse of the many cultures across the globe.

There are a number of benefits to being educated in a multicultural environment. We learn to embrace diversity within our society and it helps to bring cultures together. One of the most important things your children must develop in their young years is their communication skills. Being able to communicate well with others will help your children as they get older. However, one of the challenges of communication is interacting with people from different backgrounds. Thankfully, a multicultural environment helps remove these challenges by giving pupils the opportunity to interact daily. Being able to do so at a young age will help your children become better communicators, which they will find essential later in their lives.

Another benefit of having a diverse pupil population is that each pupil can share their own cultures with their fellow classmates. This experience allows the pupils to be open-minded and to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other’s culture.

A multicultural environment can be considered as a melting pot of diverse cultures and countries. Having such a diverse pupil body has many benefits wherein the children will learn beyond the walls of a classroom — from one another.

We hope that all the children enjoyed participating in our Chinese New Year celebrations and learned something new.

Below is a short video of the dances the children learned in their workshops - we think they did incredibly well!