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Our children excitedly took part in ‘The Big Anti-Bullying Assembly 2020’ which was produced by The Diana Awards Team and the Nationwide this week.

The year 2020 has been a difficult and strange year for our children and some children in our country were worried about returning to school. By participating in this assembly our children were reminded that bullying is a repeated negative behaviour, and can take many forms including verbal, physical and indirect bullying such as cyber bullying.

Several key messages were delivered throughout the assembly by many celebrities such as Richie and Mwaksy, Trust and Pulse, Will Poulter, Peter Andre and Katie Leung.

Our children through watching and discussing the key messages with their teacher in their Bubbles, thought about the special people in their lives they could turn to if they ever feel vulnerable and upset. We discussed the importance of mutual respect and kindness for each other and how this links to the British Values.

Our children were also very excited to receive a special message from Gareth Sothgate who said:

“If you see something, say something. Help spread kindness.”

Here are Sherborne House we have ‘put our hands up to pledge to put an end to bullying!’

Written by Pam Holmes, our Year 4 Form Tutor & PSHE Leader