| Teacher's Blog

As we come to the end of this term, our school is exactly as it should always be: full of noisy ideas, friendly debate and fun. Since our return on Monday 8th March, we have observed renewed purpose, rekindled friendships and a new sense of direction from all at Sherborne House School.

Whilst we are still maintaining all the systems we have become so familiar with, our school has once again become a place of laughter, and of purposeful learning. The skills that the children have mastered over our virtual learning period are many: such as the navigation of online platforms, independent time-management and intrinsic motivation which are evident in droves.

In conferencing with each child about their learning, they have articulated how they have gained independence, how they valued the opportunity to creatively apply skills taught and to take ownership of their learning, in ways that they hadn’t before. We have been impressed with the maturity in which every child has accurately outlined a focus for their learning for the rest of this academic year.

The transition from Lockdown Learning back to the familiar classroom environment has been seamless: this is testament to our children, their courage and their grit. Whilst our time in school has been limited this term, we are looking forward to welcoming you all back after Easter, hearing all about your Springtime adventures and sharing an exciting and fun-filled Summer Term - just as it should be.

As always, when I need something surmising succinctly, I will ask a child. In this case, I was wisely told:

“The best place for us to be is here.”

Quite frankly, I could not put it better myself!

Cordelia Cripps
Deputy Head